Sunday, 30 March 2008

The start???

I am E-Stim Si. It's not actually my real name, it just something that stuck over time. I run a company called E-Stim Systems Ltd. Back in the dark and distant past (circa 2004), My partner (soon to be my wife!! in May 2008) and I were getting interested in electro-play, namely violet wands and electrosex equipment in general. Unfortunately like a lot of things that adults buy, everything on the market was either too expensive, or a complete ripoff.
Having had a background in electronics design, I cobbled together a circuit, and the pre-pre-pre-pre-prototype of the Series 1was born. Friends saw it and wanted one, and then friend of theirs and very soon I was making more and more of them. 4 years later we now make them on a commercial basis, selling them around the world, as well as 3 other control unit and a whole pile of electrodes and other accessories. In 2006 we moved from our Slough garage/outside workshop, to workshops in Watford (UK), and at the end of 2007, we moved into our current location.

We don't just sell boxes. I'm not interested in how many 1000's of units I can ship out the door,(although I do need to make money to pay the bills), I get the biggest buzz from the person who comes back to us weeks later after they made a purchase, telling us how wonderful they found it. More and more of our contacts are from people who have personal experience of our equipment it's one of the reasons I feel we have been as successful as we have been.

Whats the point of this blog? Well I spend so much time working on production/development/websites/events and everything else to do with running a company I sometimes feel that I am missing out on the personal element, SO this blog is me, my thoughts and feelings. There might be weeks with nothing, and then a pile of posts...who knows. There's also going to be some personal bits and pieces as well.... at the end of the day it my blog!!!!