Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Commander 3

With the recent release of E-Stim Connect taking over the online functionality of the original E-Stim Commander, we decided to improve and upgrade Commander 2 to produce, yes you have guessed it - Commander 3.

E-Stim Commander 3

Clear Simple Controls

Commander 3 gives an even simpler control system for anyone wanting to control their E-Stim Systems 2B from a Mac or PC, but it also now allows you to record and playback sessions. Yes you can now share or recall your favourite play sessions.

Session Recorder

Set yourself up, hit the Record button and then relax as every nuance of your e-stim play session will be recorded. The recorded session file is a simple text file, so for the techies you can even edit sections out, and then share them with your friends.

Available now

Commander 3 is available as a FREE download for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. All you need to operate Commander 3 is an E-Stim Systems 2B, and a 2B Digital Link Interface.

For more details on Commander 3 visit

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

E-Stim Connect reviews

With the Launch of our new E-Stim Connect service, we were stunned to get the first product reviews within hours of it hitting the internet.

The first, and it is a record in how fast it was produced from product launch, is from Frederik at

and the second is from our favourite reviewer Joanne, from sexmachine reviews

Frederik has not seen E-Stim Connect until we launched it, Joanne was one of our Beta testers for E-Stim Connect so she had a little head start over Frederik, but still managed her usual in depth grilling of our products.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

E-Stim Connect is here

E-Stim Connect is our new free service that allows you to control the E-Stim Systems 2B across the internet. Not just across the internet, but from any modern device offering a web browser interface.

Connect - Share - Play

The system is simple easy to use and secure. Simply connect your 2B via the E-Stim Systems Digital Link, connect to a PC or Mac with internet access, run the E-Stim Connect software and then share the key with your partner.
They then visit the link you have shared with them, and that is it - they have access to a webpage to control the levels, modes and settings of your 2B, from anywhere in the world. It is that simple. From the street to a Hotel, from a Cafe to a dungeon. If you have internet access then you have control.

For more details on E-Stim Connect, instructions and the program need simply visit