Sunday, 27 January 2013

BBB today

It's the rescheduled BBB today, so why not pop by and see Nick on the Estim stand upstairs?


Saturday, 19 January 2013

BBB date change

Due to adverse weather the Birmingham Bizzarre Bizzaar has been moved to the 27th January 2013.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

E-Stim Remotes in action

The E-Stim Remotes are in action again on UK TV's BigBrother

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New colour manuals.

We are working our way through our manuals, in an attempt to make them easier to read and more user friendly - and they are now in colour. The first on the list to be completed has been the Intro2Electro for Her.... Let us know what you think - the new Intro2Electro for Her manual can be downloaded by clicking the link.
Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Back in the office

Back in the office today with a mountain of orders... Our 12 days of Christmas offer has turned out to be massively popular!!! So if you have ordered please be patient!!! And if you missed it... You should be on our mailing list.

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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

E-Stim Remotes on NYE

We have been busy zapping celebs this new years Eve, with Johnathan Ross, Gok Wan, Jimmy Carr and Christine Bleakley all being subject to the E-Stim Remote (keep an eye out for  Alan Carrs Whip with the E-stim key fob attached. Look around 50 minutes onwards.

While over on E4, 'Made in Chelsea - Never mind the poshtoffs'  Jamie and Cheska are getting zapped.
the fun starts around  55 minutes.