Friday, 24 February 2017

The New ElectroHelix and Series 1 what is the difference ?

Title image - Whats the difference between the E-Stim Systems Series 1 and the new Electro Helix

After around 14 years in production we finally decided it was possibly time to retire our classic E-Stim Systems Series 1. Many thousands of people have started their e-stim journey with a Series 1, including us, but after 14 years it does come to the point where you think you could just tweek the design a little and give whole lot more.

The result of that tweeking is the new ElectroHelix

But what is the difference? Here is a breakdown of the differences between our classic E-Stim Systems Series 1, and our new ElectroHelix.

The Mode lights of the new ElectroHelix

More modes 

Technology has moved on in 14 years, so the ElectroHelix has an advanced microprocessor giving more modes (5 against the 3 of a Series 1, together with better display.

Mode selection is now via a push button rather than a rotary knob.

More Power 

The ElectroHelix is more powerful than the Series 1. And if you think you want even more, there is even a special hidden ‘intense’ mode (Think of it as a 'Sport' mode). Power is always highly subjective in terms of sensation but the ElectroHelix is more powerful than the Series 1.

It self tests

The ElectroHelix has a built in self test, so it can tell you if there is a fault, and if the battery is too low to operate correctly.

Smaller and Lighter 

The ElectroHelix is both smaller and lighter than a Series 1, 160g compared with 250g of the Series 1.

Not everything has been changed

We haven’t changed everything. why should we? If we got it right the first time, then there is not need to change things, so we have still kept a number of features of the Series 1, and improved others.

ElectroHelix Small Level ControlAnalogue output controls 

The electroHelix has a smooth analogue output level control, meaning there are no steps between level changes, and the range of the adjustment controls have also been increased with a wider range of adjustment for pulse pulse and feel.

Fire Button 

We could not build replacement power box without keeping the original Series 1 Fire Button. So the ElectroHelix also has a fire button.

Standard output sockets  

Like the Series 1, the ElectroHelix uses the industry standard 3.5mm jack socket, allowing you to connect any of our electrodes to the ElectroHelix, and quite a few electrodes from other companies.

(TENS and TENS deprived units us a small and less robust TENS tube connector, but if you have one we do offer a range of adaptors).

Standard PP3 Battery

Like the Series 1, the ElectroHelix is power by a standard 9v PP3 battery. No need to wait for a recharge, or try to find the right charge cable and adaptor. It also means that you can replace a flat battery in seconds.

lifetime guarantee 

Like all of our Power boxes and Premium Electrodes, the ElectroHelix is covered by our lifetime guarantee. That means if it fails in normal use, all you need to do is get it back to our workshops, and we will repair it for free.

Where to purchase.

We have a number of stockists in the UK and a small number through the rest of the world, but you can purchase any of our products direct from us online and we will ship it as discreetly as we can. We have the ElectroHelix in 3 packs, the Helix pack with the ElectroHelix and sticky pads and cables, The Helix Red pack with pads, cables and a fully insertable electro egg and the Helix Blue with pads, cables and a set of Conductive Rubber Loops. 

All of the packs also come with a carry case, battery and instructions.

The ElectroHelix Packs start at £109.


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