Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Last of the move

The E-Stim Systems building sign is now up so we now have just about completed our move :-)
To top it all we have had a little issue with the telephones, so our new number is now 01923 226494.

Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd


Monday, 17 February 2014

No Erotica :-(

A refund cheque came in the post this morning, together with a letter from the organisers of Erotica - it seems that discussion with the venue and Tower Hamlets Council has fallen through - the result is no Erotica this year (2014).

It's sad, as they managed the hiatus and the change of venue from Olympia to Tobacco Dock quite well it was an location that fitted well with the boutique style of an adult event and apart from a few hiccups it was a fun event - but possibly the writing was already on the wall when the AA signs directing traffic to it were only allowed to show 'Tobacco Dock Event' rather than the more shocking (it appears) word of 'Erotica'.

Come on Tower Hamlets this is 2014 not 1884!!

Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Any roof in a storm??

Paid our annual visit to the southern engineering and manufacturing show today - (Its one of the things you have to do if you are a UK based manufacturer :-)).

Great day, although the very high winds and heavy rain made walking around interesting as the marque structure was flexing and creaking and some of the stands started to flood. Seeing men in yellow jackets looking at the roof every five minutes looking worried gives you some indication of the level of concern the organisers appeared to have had.

15 minutes after we left they then evacuated the entire show due to adverse weather.