Monday, 24 August 2009

Server Migration / Downtime

It appears that our main shop site ( and are undergoing a server migration from 10pm tonight until around 6am tomorrow morning...nice of our service providers to tell us in advance....

Our US and EU sites are not affected.


Metro Report

There is an article in todays Metro about electroplay. It's mainly about violet wands but there is a bit about us and TENS units as the reporter visited our stand at the last LFF. (I think we scared thrm with the OMG) You should be able to find the article on their website under todays date.


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Xpo cancelled

Sadly it has been announced that there will be no Xpo at the Barbican this year. The Xpo is something a little special for us as this was the first major event we attended as a company. It survived the split from Skin Two and grew from strength to strength. Sadly I feel that its cancellation is not just been from the recession, but some people just don't want to take a risk and always want something for nothing. If you want a quality event to attend, both from a traders and visitors point of view, then you need to support the event early on, and not try to push every second for that last minute deal.... You might get the cheapest stand at the last minute, but you will eventually kill the proverbian golden goose. Events cannot be run on last minute 'deals' being made.

We wish good luck to Cathy & Paul and all the crew at Xpo, and look forward to joining them again in 2010!!!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunday at the BBB

Today we shall be mostly at the birmingham bizzare bizzar. Although lots of people can purchase our kit at their local adult emprorium, (and if they don't yet stock it ask them why not?), and of course through our website, its still nice to meet up with a nice bunch of perves on a Sunday afternoon and talk electricity!

And we get a chance to try out our new events display system...

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Brighton Pride

Currently at Brighton Pride praying it doesn't rain. Lots of people about but more to come when the parade arrives around 1pm.