Monday, 26 November 2012

Weekend Play

The Deviant Ready for play
We have had quite a busy weekend, and although I didn't get to work on the code for Commander2, we did manage to have a play at a 'Secret' location with some our our more interesting toys, and we even remembered to take a camera.... some of the results are posted here.

BiPolar E-Clip in Action
Nipple play is always fun, especially when you can do it safely with our E-Stim 2B, and the BiPolar EClip .The EClip is adjustable, so the clamping pressure can be adjusted to provide just the right level of grip, without causing too much pain - unless that is you plan when you can loosen it off and have the full force of the powerful spring apply.

Dual Pinwheel
The Dual pinwheel is fantastic on the surface of the skin, and when it comes to nipples, its even better. The Bipolar design allows the current to flow from one pinwheel to the other and electrifying everything in between with great effect. You just need to remember to use a little conductive gel to make everything just that little bit more fun!!