Monday, 2 July 2018

Goodbye Tumblr

We used to like Tumblr, a venerable cornucopia of smut and porn all done in a tasteful format, and with an interface that wasn't cluttered up with silly adverts, however since the purchase of Tumblr by Oath things have now changed or the worse.

Not only are you now automatically logged into safe mode, preventing you from seeing anything naughty but any site that is marked as explicit is also removed from search results, so if you do post anything, no one can find it!!!

So despite Tumblr stating that anything legal is fine,
"You can post whatever you want on your Tumblr, as long as it is lawful and follows our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service."
what they actually mean is anything they consider even slightly adult will be blocked, hidden away, and every post will be marked up as if your are dealing in kiddy porn, with UNSAFE UNSAFE UNSAFE plastered all over it. I wonder if we could get a brand???

Yet another nail in the coffin of civil liberties.

If you are still interested in finding us on Tumblr, while it lasts then you might be able to find us at