Wednesday, 3 October 2018

E-Stim Connect is here

E-Stim Connect is our new free service that allows you to control the E-Stim Systems 2B across the internet. Not just across the internet, but from any modern device offering a web browser interface.

Connect - Share - Play

The system is simple easy to use and secure. Simply connect your 2B via the E-Stim Systems Digital Link, connect to a PC or Mac with internet access, run the E-Stim Connect software and then share the key with your partner.
They then visit the link you have shared with them, and that is it - they have access to a webpage to control the levels, modes and settings of your 2B, from anywhere in the world. It is that simple. From the street to a Hotel, from a Cafe to a dungeon. If you have internet access then you have control.

For more details on E-Stim Connect, instructions and the program need simply visit