Thursday, 17 January 2019

10 year Challenge

Back in 2009, the E-Stim Systems Series 1 was our top selling starter unit, with 3 program modes, fire button and soft controls. 10 years later in 2019, we have the ElectroHelix, smaller lighter with more power, 5 program modes (including the fire button), and still highly popular as a starter E-Stim unit.

At the other end of the scale.....

At the top end of the spectrum, we had the E-Box Series 2, our first dual channel box. Now in 2019 we have two dual channel units, the ElectroPebble and the replacement for the Series 2, the 2B.

Upgradeable, computer controllable with 17 program modes, Stereo Audio, built in microphone, optional Digital Link, optional power supply and secure internet control as well as lots more..

And both the ElectroHelix and the 2B are covered by our lifetime guarantee, so we will still be supporting them in 10 years time.

#10yearchallenge #lifetimeguarantee